Last Update: 23/04/2021

The information contained in this website is prepared and produced for various services provided by KELEO Fine Jewelry. The company does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information contained therein.

The company will try its best to keep the personal data stored in the system of KELEO Fine Jewelry confidential to avoid unnecessary theft and use. However, the company cannot fully guarantee or declare the security and confidentiality of data transmission. If you find that your personal information has been leaked without authorization, please contact our company immediately.

Third party websites linked to KELEO Fine Jewelry may also collect your personal information. KELEO Fine Jewelry privacy policy will not apply to the personal information collected when visitors link to other websites from KELEO Fine Jewelry and continue to read other websites.  You are responsible for the relevant risks, and the company does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, validity, safety or any omissions of the information contained on the links to other websites.

If there is any conflict or difference between the Chinese version of this disclaimer and its English version, the English version prevails. If any part of the Chinese version is unclear, reference should be made to the English version. The Chinese version may not be translated into English for the purpose of comparing with or interpreting the English version.

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