Diamond Standard – Carat

Why can there be different table sizes in two diamonds of the same caratage? Diamonds with the same carat weight can vary enormously in their style of cutting. Cut depends...

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Diamond Standard – Clarity

Does a genuine diamond have blemishes and will they lessen its value? Why are there inclusions in a diamond? How are they formed? How do you determine the clarity grade...

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Diamond Standard – Cut

Customers often ask what is the ideal thickness of the girdle? Depends on whether the stone is round or fancy cut. Well made round stones should have a thickness of...

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Diamond Standard – Color

How do you determine the best colour for diamonds? There is no such thing as best color for diamonds in terms of an individual preference; however, in terms of quality...

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Diamond Standard – Stimulants & Synthetics

What is a synthetic moissanite? There latest diamond stimulant is synthetic monissanite. Although there have been reports of monissanite being produced in Russia since the mid 1990s, it wasn’t unitl...

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Diamond Valuation

How does one determine the retail price of a piece of diamond jewelry? All rough and polished diamonds are priced in US dollars and there is an international value applying...

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Diamonds & Jewelry Care

Why does a diamond become dull and less brilliant after time and how do you make it sparkle again? Diamonds are attracted to grease and if they are not cleaned...

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Diamond Standard – Colored Diamonds

Are fancy colored diamond more valuable and expensive than others? Yes, some fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare and very beautiful. Thus they tend to be more valuable and expensive...

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Diamond Standard – 4Cs

COLOR Diamond Color starts from D and ranges down to Z. The higher the color grading, the more colorless the stone is when put on an off-white sheet paper. Color...

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