Diamond Valuation

All rough and polished diamonds are priced in US dollars and there is an international value applying to virtually all gems accepted by markets all over the world. This is based on the 4C’s – the four internationally recognized factors that determine any diamond’s quality and value. They are cut, clarity, carat-weight and color. Also remember, when you are buying a piece of diamond jewelry, you are not just buying the diamond but the craftsmanship and design skills of the manufacturer.

When you buy a piece of diamond jewelry, you are not merely buying the ultimate symbol of success or love or a gem that will enhance your personality and standing, but design excellence or exclusivity that will of course vary from jeweler to jeweler. It is also important to remember that retail jewelers base their reputation on a number of factors. These include service, reliability, range, ambience and often prestige. Unlike diamonds themselves, jewelers are a branded entity and your purchase may include the cache of shopping at a particular store. For this reason, you should not be surprised that prices will vary. However, the diamonds within the piece of jewelry you buy have an internationally accepted value that is constant the world over.

No two diamonds are the same and even if there is a 2 point difference, the price can vary enormously depending on the quality of the gem. Indeed, two diamonds of identical size can have vastly differing values as a result of their differing levels of rarity and quality.

Diamonds and diamond jewelry are seldom bought as an investment other than one in love, affection or self-esteem. Diamonds have never really been regarded by the millions of people who buy them around the world as a commodity like gold, but far more as a store of emotional value that will last a lifetime. It is also worth remembering that in recent years the price of gold has fluctuated considerably, unlike most gem diamonds.

Obviously depending upon the quality of the diamond and its grading using the 4C’s, a diamond is indeed forever and thanks to the DTC whose stewardship of the diamond industry has ensured the continuing value of these rare and precious gems, you can have absolute faith in your purchase of any diamond, regardless of size.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and comparatively rare compared with other gems. They are also regarded as the world’s most beautiful and desirable stone and as such command a value commensurate with their rarity and quality.

In the case of polished diamonds the answer is yes and no since it will always be possible to find a seller prepared to discount polished gem prices from the international average in any market, be it in a producing country or not. In the case of rough the answer is in effect no, since the majority of principal gem diamond producers sell their rough diamond output through the DTC in London. This is because each producer nation naturally wants to maximize “added value” and can rely on the DTC to ensure the producers get the best price possible for their diamonds. So unless you are within the trade and a rough diamond dealer, it is highly unlikely you would be able to purchase a rough diamond before it is cut and polished.

It is important to remember that when you buy a piece of diamond jewelry you are not merely buying the diamonds but also the skills of the designer and the craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Your best guide to diamond prices is therefore a reputable diamond jeweler who will be pleased to provide you with details of current would values.

Please kindly refer to the question under the same post – “Does gold keep its value better than diamonds?”

The answer to this question is basically yes. However, it is important to remember that unless you are contemplating selling a loose polished gem, your diamond will be part of a piece of jewelry. As such, you must take into account the value of the piece as a whole. Also remember that when you buy your diamond jewelry, you also pay a percentage for service, range and peace of mind that comes through shopping at a reputable jeweler. You may also pay that little extra for the cache that comes from purchasing your diamond piece from a jeweler with a prestigious image which adds to the overall value of your choice.

Most diamond jewelry is bought for emotional and symbolic reasons or for reasons of self-esteem, so the value is very much in the mind of the consumer himself/herself. Since diamonds have an internationally recognized value, you can be confident that you are purchasing a gem that will retain not only its emotional and symbolic significance but its worth.

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